Dua For Breaking Engagement

Dua For Breaking Engagement
Dua For Breaking Engagement

Dua For Breaking Engagement

Dua For Breaking Engagement or to break marriage proposal can be use to break my boyfriend engagement. We will solve your problems like how to convince parents to break engagement? When you are confronting many unexpected events in your life, don’t be astonished because life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Maybe you are devoted to your relationship, but you are not getting the same treatment from the other side. Aside from that, if you are in a long-term relationship, you might consider marriage in the future.

Dua For Breaking Engagement
Dua For Breaking Engagement

It’s a devastating circumstance when you find out that your lover is marrying someone else. To you, it is unquestionably unethical. If you are confronted with such a scenario by your partner, you may seek the assistance of Allah, the Almighty. This will be the most effective method of determining the best answer for this problem. We are recommending starting the Dua for Breaking Engagements early as possible to get rid of this situation.

Breaking someone’s Engagement is not the right thing to do for sure. But if you are doing it to save your love, then it is not a harmful step. So please make sure that you are performing the prayer procedure with honest intentions. Otherwise, you will not get the blessing of The Almighty Allah. Now please have a look at the steps of performing the Dua for Breaking Engagement. If you can complete the Dua accordingly, you will surely get the best consequence from it. So please follow-

“Qullilayastawii Uulkhabeesuuwaauuttttaiibu Waaalauuaaajabakakasraatuualkhabiisii Fauttttaquuuullahayauullii Uulllalbaabil l A-allakumtuffiihoonaa.”

  • Please utter the above-sacred wordings once a day.
  • You have to choose a particular time of each day to perform the Dua.
  • Do not forget to perform this prayer procedure for at least five days continuously.
  • Hello, with this Dua, you have to read Durood Sharif for 11 consistent equations every day.
  • After that, you should read the above Dua for 79 timings accordingly.
  • Now you have to reread Durood Sharif.
  • As the conclusion of the prayer procedure, please imagine what you wish and ask for help from Allah Talah.

Dua To Break Marriage Proposal

Dua To Break Marriage Proposal, All of us need a flexible place in our family where we can place our own opinion. But sometimes, our family members, especially our parents, do not honor our marriage decision. For this reason, you may have several marriage proposals that you do not like at all. But you cannot stop all this because your parents want to choose your life partner according to their wishes. Maybe you have some special one in your heart. Are you trying to find the right solution for this situation?

Here we are providing you with a solution that can be an effective one. To initiate the Dua to Break Marriage Proposalalong with your regular prayer. We are sure that the Dua will be 100% genuine to provide you with the right outcome. But you have to follow some rituals if you want to be sure about it. To perform the Duato Break Marriage Proposal along with the process, we are telling now.

  • Make sure that you are fresh enough to pray for your help to the superpower Allah.
  • Do not forget to perform your five-time Namaz accordingly.
  • If you are performing this Dua, you have to cause an If you are achieving this Dua, you have to force an honest intention.
  • Apart from that, you have to perform this prayer procedure exactly after T
  • During your prayer procedure, please imagine the desire you are chasing in your heart secretly to Allah.
  • Please utter the exceeding wordings 101 times with an appropriate accent.

Dua To Break My Boyfriend Engagement

Dua To Break My Boyfriend Engagement, Perhaps you have been having an affair with someone for a long time. And it was going well. But suddenly you came to know that your boyfriend is having an engagement with someone else. You then have a single way out to get rid of this problem. Would you please ask for the blessing of The Almighty Allah to save you from such a disaster? Try to perform the Dua to Break My Boyfriend Engagement. This will surely help you to break the relationship between your boyfriend and the next girl.

We are very sure that the Dua will help you to make a support for your love life. But we are suggesting using this if you are concerned about the relationship. And do not use it if you possess any bad intention because the superpower will not be by your side if you are not truthful in your choice and activity. You also have to follow some steps accordingly to complete this Duato Break My Boyfriend Engagementperfectly. The rituals are-

  • Take a fresh bath and wear something immaculate.
  • Now choose a quiet place to perform your prayer.
  • Do not forget to recite the RakatTahajjudNamaz two consistent times.
  • Next, you have to decide the Durood e Inam for 11 continuous times accordingly.
  • After that, you have to open the Quran and read Surah Al Jathiya three times continuously.

“La ilaaha ill allaahulwaahidulqahhar.”

  • Now recite the above separate words a consistent hundred times to complete the prayer procedure.
  • As a closure of the prayer performance, you must ask the help of the superpower Allah Talah and break the Engagement of your boyfriend.

How To Convince Parents To Break Engagement?

How To Convince Parents To Break Engagement? Although it is starting that our parents have all the right to choose our partner, they will do the best for us regarding our life. But sometimes we may have a love for someone who is not at all preferred by our parents. In this situation, we must convince our parents of that relationship. We cannot do this, and our parents may fix our Engagement or marriage to someone else. In such a situation, we must initiate some Qurani prayer procedures to stop the engagement process.

That’s why we are now about to tell you How to Convince Parents to Break Engagement without hurting them at all. Would you please follow some rituals to stop the unwanted Engagement that your parents have fixed? Now we are giving some information that you have to follow if you want to know How to Convince Parents to Break the Engagement.

“Allahhumma Alli fBaiynaa Qulubiinnn Waa Asleehhh Zaataaa Bainiinn Wahdeenaaa Subuulaa Assalaam Waa Najjeenaa Minazzulumaatiiilannoor”

  • To stop the Engagement, you have to read five Salah regularly and every day.
  • Apart from that, you have to utter the ever sacred wordings from the deepest of your heart after completing the Salah each time.
  • Please perform this process until you are getting a fruitful result.

Hopefully, this will solve all your problems. You have to keep immense dedication and trust in the superpower that is always protecting us.

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