Attract Husband Islamic Dua

Attract Husband Islamic Dua
Attract Husband Islamic Dua

Attract Husband Islamic Dua

Dua: A Powerful & Effective Way Out For Your Marriage Love Problems

Islamic Dua To Attract Husband

Attract Husband Islamic Dua, Relationships are a part and parcel of our life. A husband and a wife make up the core of a family. Any dispute between the two leads to a disturbance in the family. Most of the times, it is the wife who suffers in a dispute. Many husbands change after the marriage. They stop taking care of the wife, the way the used to do before the marriage. Such wife’s suffered a lot and hence looks for ways to attract their husband. Under the Islamic astrology, there are many dua to attract a husband to sow the seeds of love in the heart of your husband.

Why dua-

When every other thing fails, it is our prayers which work. We understand that what a married woman feels when her husband neglects her. She feels helpless and separate. We all know that every married woman wants to get a hold of her husband in the best way possible. Every wife wants her husband to be in her control and always love her with full heart, but sometimes it does not happen naturally. Thus to overcome this problem, many women adopt to Islamic astrology solutions. Dua to attract husband towards wife is one such solution. It will transform your relationship into a loving and happy one. You husband will start listening to you and will pay attention to your needs.

Attract Husband Islamic Dua

Attract Husband Islamic Dua
Attract Husband Islamic Dua
  • Only the wife can do this dua.
  • Take 2 pieces of almonds. After the eshasalah, put the almonds in the mouth.
  • Keep the almonds over your tongue not under it. now, imagine your husband and recite salvat/darood for 11 times.
  • Then read a part of Ayat no. 39 from chapter 16 of Quran. Read only this part of the ayat for 500 times:

“Wa-alqaytu ‘Alayklama’habbatanminneewalitusnna-‘a ‘alaA’aynee”.

  • The above is only the last extract from the ayat. You need to recite this much only.
  • Read the ayat 100 times and then takout those almonds from your mouth and blow it over them (do dum).
  • On completion of every 100 recitations, you need to takeout the almonds and do a dum no them.
  • So in totality, you need to blow (dum) for 5 times. When you are done with the procedure, place those almonds on some clean paper and wrap them in it.
  • Remember do not clean the almonds even if they are wet. You need to follow the exact procedure for 5 days.
  • You need to blow the dua on the same almonds you used in the first instance.
  • On completion of the 5 days process, you have to make your husband consume them. But keep in mind that you do not serve the almonds in some hot thing. For instance, a kheer.

Dua to attract husband towards wife:

A loving and caring husband is all that a wife needs. There are many such ways out to attract your husband. But a perfect dua for the same is an unprecedented way out for the husband-wife problem. Assuming it a minor issue, many wifes end up in losing their husbands forever. That is why many Islamic astrologers came up with the online portals to contact them and get a dua to solve their relationship problem. It is a sure shot way to solve any issue which is keeping you apart from your husband.

Dua to attract a girl/boy-

Love is blind, but not everyone has a same point of view for the same. Many people do not take hteir love seriously but there are some who are very serious about their feelings for someone. They cannot forget someone easily just because the other person is not interested. Hence, their life becomes miserable in the wait of that someone in their life. Dua to attract a man or a woman towards you works similarly like a vashikaran. It will deeply sow the seeds of attraction towards you, in the heart and mind of the desired person.

Attract Husband Islamic Dua

A love is the gift of God resting in our hearts. it shall never be ignored. Everyone has some feelings in their heart for someone special. But not every time you can get what you want. Thus, to resolve your problem, dua is the best savor, it does not require any physical force or tools but a simple dua and a faith in it. Once you start taking shelter under this powerful technique, you will see the change in your life. A dua will easily get you the person you intend to love.

It can be used by any person, irrespective of age, gender, religion or caste. A dua is a splendid way to ask your wish. It contains of some rituals which u just need to perform with a strong faith and concentration. So, instead of sitting back in depression, go and do dua for your desires, before it too late.