Dua To Take Revenge From Enemy

Dua To Take Revenge From Enemy
Dua To Take Revenge From Enemy
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Dua To Take Revenge From Enemy

Dua To Take Revenge From Enemy or to make enemies suffer can be use to get rid of enemy in one night. We will provide you best dua to destroy enemy forever. Muslims aren’t aware much about the Islamic ways to treat their enemies, and this dua is to help them. This dua to take revenge from enemy is the perfect Islamic treatment for people who are ready to harm you and treat you in a bad way. Everyone wishes for a peaceful life without negative people around, but life is not a cakewalk, and it is not as smooth as butter. You will find good people in your life, but the numbers of enemies are also not less.

Dua To Take Revenge From Enemy
Dua To Take Revenge From Enemy

It is good to have a big heart and forgive others, but you cannot resist evil demons and need to take action. If your enemy is troubling you each day and you wish to get rid of him, this magical dua to take revenge is for your safety. Enemies are everywhere and you cannot be nice to them and need to plan revenge to teach them a lesson. This dua will support you for throwing away the evils of your life and adding in positivity. This dua is very simple and easy to follow.

How to follow:

  1. Take a fresh bath and clean yourself properly.
  2. Recite Surah naasaa 50 times a day.
  3. Recite Allah’s name 100 times a day.
  4. Follow this dua after namaaz.
  5. Read it after sunset in a calm place.
  6. Follow it consistently for seven weeks.

Dua To Make Enemies Suffer

Dua To Make Enemies Suffer, If you are successful in your life, you will have enemies around and you cannot ignore them always and people are jealous of your progress and never wish anything good for you, and always aim to harm you in several ways. If you do not take a step against your enemies, you need to suffer lifelong, which will be disastrous, and this dua to make enemies suffer is the best action you can take against them.

This dua is strongly framed to make your enemies suffer and bring them to the right track, and nothing can harm you if you believe in this strong dua. Enemies will vanish like air, and all the evil plans will fail if you decide to perform this Islamic dua to make your enemies suffer, and it is so simple to follow this dua.

How to follow:

  1. Take a fresh bath and wear black clothes.
  2. Take your enemy’s name and blow breath on a nail.
  3. Recite Surah naasaa 100 times a day.
  4. Burn the nail and burn it till red hot.
  5. Follow this dua after namaaz.
  6. Choose a vacant place to do this process and take Allah’s name.
  7. Read this dua consistently for fifty-one days.

Dua To Get Rid of Enemy In One Night

Dua To Get Rid of Enemy In One Night, Good people suffer a lot because of their enemies and the evil things they do. You cannot ignore the fact that your enemies are constantly planning to attack. These evil people’s attacks can turn out to be fatal for your life and your family.

Sometimes the situation is so pathetic that you do not have time to think about it or plan something against your enemies. People have to look for instant solutions to the problem related to their enemies and search for quick ways. This dua to get rid of the enemy in one night is the only way to protect you from evil’s eye.

This dua works like magic in a very short period, and in one night, it can change your world. Everyone who is going through this problem of enemy can follow this one-night dua for instant and effective results. This dua is the best for people suffering for a long time, and they are depressed. Allah will open ways for you whenever you feel low, and this one night dua is just the right thing to do.

How to follow:

  1. Make fresh ablution and wear bright clothes.
  2. Recite durood-e-Ibraheem for six times for one night.
  3. Recite Surah naasa 100 times a day for one night.
  4. Read this dua after namaaz.
  5. Follow this dua only at night.

Best Dua To Destroy Enemy Forever

Best Dua To Destroy Enemy Forever, Enemies are a part of every happy man’s life, and it is a fact that your enemies cannot see you happy. Evil people try to harm you in every way and are there to attack you always. If you have such toxic people in your life, you can neither stay away from them nor solve your issues. People only have one way: to get rid of the enemy forever and destroy their presence.

The dua to destroy enemy forever is the only way by which you can get rid of your enemies for life. This dua is perfect for helping people and propagating a ray of hope into every good man’s life. You must follow this dua with all the faith and as per the instructions. The magical dua is Allah’s blessing for you, and you need to respect it in every manner by following it regularly. This powerful Islamic prayer will drastically change things around and execute your enemy from the root.

How to follow:

  1. Take a shower and wear black clothes.
  2. Read durood-e-Shareef seven times a day.
  3. Read Surah Fatiha for five times a day.
  4. Recite Surah naasa eleven times a day.
  5. Follow this dua after sunrise.
  6. Follow this prayer for 100 days constantly.

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