Dua To Get My Wife Back

Dua To Get My Wife Back
Dua To Get My Wife Back

Dua To Get My Wife Back

Dua To Get My Wife Back or to get your ex wife back can be use for wife to love her husband. We will provide you dua to bring wife back home. Marriage is a serene bond of two hearts and souls that keep them connected forever! Sometimes, certain evil eyes cannot sustain this lovely relation and try to break it. But Islam has the divine power of throwing away all the negativities from your life. If your spouse is leaving you and planning for separation, but you wish to hold her with all the love, then Dua to get my wife back is all you need.

Sometimes the couple takes each other for granted, and it increases conflicts in the relationship. The husbands who love their wife and do not want to let them go in any case, then dua to get back my wife helps prevent divorce and bring your relation on track. This is a purification ritual that you need to complete with full conviction and properly to avoid negative consequences. Allah Miyaan will indeed bless you to find the real love back!

How to perform dua to get my wife back?

  • Perform Insha Namaz and then make Wazu.
  • Now recite Durood E Paak at least three times.
  • The next step is to perform Surah Ikhlas almost 300 times on the bowl filled with water.
  • Lastly, blow a deep breath on the bowl of water and perform dua for getting your partner back again.

Continue this ritual for 11 days, and your wife will surely be back to you. Insha Allah, you will have the ‘REHMAT’ from God, and your love with return to you. You can also get in touch with the Maulvi Ji and learn about the process in detail. Your identity will always stay secretive in all conditions.

Dua To Get Your Ex Wife Back

Dua To Get Your Ex Wife Back, Isn’t it painful to see the girl you love in the arms of another man? Few women are unable to understand true love and start cheating on their husbands. As a result, they get into the extramarital affair and one day leave their husbands. The husband stays in pain of leaving their wife and prays Allah Talah to show him the right path.

Dua to get your ex wife back recited by the haji or respectable Maulvi Ji helps get back their wives. Some women are short-tempered and get angry or even take extreme steps like leaving the house for silly reasons. But the magic of Islamic dua to get your ex wife back can save your marriage.

How to perform?

Wives leave their husbands’ houses for reasons like arranged marriages, not staying in joint families, and many more. Here is the dua to bring them back:

  • Do Asher ki Namaz and take a clean mat to sit on.
  • Now recite the following dua, “ Waa minn Kullayy Shai’innn Zowjainii laa Allakumm Tazakkarunaa. Allahaa Hummaa Bi Haqqii Qauwlikaa Hazaaa Waa Bii Hurmatiii Nabiyikaa Muhammadii Sallalll Laahuuu Taa’alaa Alayhiii Waa Sallammm Ann Tarzuqanii.”
  • Recite this 11 times.
  • Now read Durood-E-Sharif for 11 times at least.

If you find it challenging to perform the dua rightly, contact the Islamic experts available 24/7 to assist you with all your problems.

Dua To Bring Wife Back Home

Dua To Bring Wife Back Home, A wife is an essential part of every husband’s life, and they cannot stay happy after separation from each other. Both have distinct identities, but a bond keeps their strings attached. However, if there are any issues and the wife separates from the husband due to lack of affection, dua can help bring the wife back home. It is a way shown by Quarn-E-Paak to give you a ray of hope in times of sorrow and helplessness.

Dua To Get My Wife Back
Dua To Get My Wife Back

Any fight or misunderstanding can get solved, and your wife will again fall for you with a dua to bring wife back home. And if Islamic experts help you in the process, your life will again become a beautiful fairy tale with the dua to bring your wife back home. They can guide you with the proper process of performing this magical dua, and Allah will bless you to achieve anything you desire in life. To stop fight between husband and wife you can use our Dua To Stop Fight Between Husband And Wife.

How to perform?

  • With a small pinch of black salt in your hand, repeat the dua stated here 35 times.
  • Repeat this dua, “Khiarass Jinna Minoo AAzii Abbi fihann famuzz himfaa yasiro kuloonaa wazz jaminn’alinaa farihh zaminaa jannatin minoo nakhioo heelinn wa a’nabin waqq faijinn arina fiha minazii I-ayunii liyaazii kulizaa midoo thariss maruff wazihii waqq maa’ amilaa latiruu hitamuu ragizz hamiff faiziff nasirr.”
  • Now drink three spoons of water by yourself, pour three spoons to the tree and 3 to the soil.
  • Keep repeating this for the next 25 days, and your wife will again be with you!

Dua For Wife To Love Her Husband

Dua For Wife To Love Her Husband, Is your wife not giving you the desirable respect? Does she lack appreciation irrespective of whatever efforts you make? With the dua for wife to love her husband, you can make her obedient and nurture your relationship with care and affection. It is an effective dua that could change her attitude towards you, and she will start pampering you like before.

Even if someone is trying to manipulate her mind with evil thoughts, that will not work. Insha Allaha, you will soon see the difference in her nature, and your wife will be again like she used to be earlier. Only perform the below dua to love her husband with full love and believe in God!

How to perform?

  • Wake up at midnight and start performing two Rakat Tajajjud Namaz.
  • The next step is to repeat Durood Shareef 11 times and perform “Ya Lateef uu” almost 100 times.
  • After this, you should again say Durood E Sharif 11 times and pray to Allaha Tallaha to again bring love to your life.
  • Keep repeating this for 11 days, and Allaha Miyaan will start showering you with all the love and affection. She will do every possible thing for you.

After 11 days, if you cannot find the difference, speak to Molvi Saab immediately, and you can witness the guaranteed positive results with his expert knowledge of Islam and the Quran. Hence, the Dua to get my wife back when performed with a dirt-free heart and mind will display impeccable results. Your wife will get free from all evil thoughts and feel a spiritual connection with you.

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