Dua To Reconcile Between Two Hearts

Dua To Reconcile Between Two Hearts
Dua To Reconcile Between Two Hearts

Dua To Reconcile Between Two Hearts

Dua To Reconcile Between Two Hearts or to reconcile between people’s hearts can be use for reconciliation after divorce. Use our dua to reconcile between husband and wife.

Which Dua USe To Reconcile Between Two Hearts?

Human beings are social creatures, and they need to maintain a friendly relationship among themselves. Your emotional needs get fulfilled when you are around friendly people. It keeps you happy and helps you to carry on with life with a smile.

On the other hand, when you lose ties with people, you develop a heavy heart. And this can happen because of health issues, like mental depression or a weak heart.

Dua To Reconcile Between Two Hearts
Dua To Reconcile Between Two Hearts

Sadly, people close relationships out of rage in a spurt of a moment. They bear a grudge for each other and keep on grumbling for years. This does not bring any good to anybody. But the mind becomes a storehouse of negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, and envy.

And the more people get engaged in such emotions, the more they get entwined in them. They tend to become selfish, bitter, and narrow-minded, which in effect is capable of reducing their lifespan.

It is not rare to find the closest of people to fall apart because of some misunderstanding. This causes bitterness in the mind of both the opponents.

The people who were so close and happy with each other now do not look at each other or even do not want to hear each other’s names. They hold the grudge for each other for years. Their bitterness grows so much that often people around them get disturbed.

If you find that you have a friend or a family member having enmity with anyone, then you must come forward to reconcile them. As it is mentioned in the Hadith that the best charity is to reconcile between people.

It is the best form of prayer other than all the voluntary activities proposed by Allah. No extent of prayer or fasting is more honorable than reconciling two hearts. And the person who does the noble act of reconciling two hearts deserve the greatest reward from Allah.

Which Dua To Reconcile Between People’s Hearts?

Dua To Reconcile Between People’s Hearts, If you find two friends or lovers have fallen apart, you should try to mend their relationship. But while doing so, you should adhere to justice. And your intention of reuniting them is to please Allah by bringing forth peace.

Our Prophet Muhammad, SAW, is known for reconciling people. And to follow his footstep is to perform the Sunnah of Rasool-e-Karim. The ayat-114 of ‘Surah An-Nisa’ present in the Holy Quran has the healing effect of reconciling people.

Misunderstanding between people is always created by the whispers of Shaitaan. So, to find a remedy to it, you have to take the help of Quranic verses. Allahu-Tala had referred those verses in the Quran only to combat the attack of Shaitaan.

To reconcile two people you can recite the following dua-

“La KhairafiKaferinMinnajWaahum Ella Man Amara Be Sadaqate Au Maroofe Au IslameBainaUnnase, Wa Mai YafAalJalekaUbteGaa-a MardateUllahe Fa Saufa Nu TeeheAjraeAjeem

If you are the person who has lost friendship with a near and a dear one, you can do this dua for yourself. Make this dua after every obligatory prayer.

It is important to remember that in Islam, you should not hold a grudge for more than three consecutive days. You gain more honor in the merciful eyes of Allah when you take the first step for reconciliation.

Which Dua Use To Reconcile Between Husband And Wife?

Dua To Reconcile Between Husband And Wife, These days more often married couples suffer from disagreements. Arguments and quarreling occur daily. It is a cause of restlessness and disturbance for all other family members. Especially, the children suffer a lot from it.

If you find a couple is going through such a difficult situation, you should try your best to reconcile them. When you become the mediator for restoring someone’s married life, Allah becomes very pleased with you. He grants you every honor and reward for your noble deed. No act of Charity is greater than reconciling husband and wife.

The dua for reconciling husband and wife is given below.

“ AllahummaAllefBainaKuluBena, WaAslehJataBaini Na, Wah Dena SubulasSalame, WaNajjenaMehajJulumateElannoor”

Make this dua after every obligatory prayer.

If you are facing problem with your spouse and want reconciliation, you can recite the simple dua given below.

“Yaa Maaniyu Yaa Muhtee”

After performing Isha Salah, recite the dua 41 times sitting on your bed. In Sha Allah, it will help you to bridge the gap between your partner and you.

Which Dua Use For Reconciliation After Divorce?

Dua For Reconciliation After Divorce, Divorce brings in the annulment of a marriage. However, Islam provides the provision to remarry the former spouse. Your separation might have been the outcome of some external factors like interference by other people.

It might be due to some false beliefs imposed on you by your family members. At present, you realize the mistake that you have made and long to get back to your partner.

If you think reconciliation is the best option and will prove to be beneficial for both of you, you can practice the wazifa for reconciliation.

Though Allah has granted “talaq” for human beings, Allah Himself hates this act of abandonment very much. So, pray to Allah, cry and repent for the sinful act that you have done. Read two rakats of Nafal Salah for ‘Tauba.’ Repeat ‘Astag-fir ‘several times and say for 100 times –

“Yaa Gaffuroo, Yaa Rahmaano, Yaa Rahimo”

And then recite for 40 times the wazifa given below.

“AllahummaRahmateekaArjuFalaTakelnee Ela Nufsetar Fata Ain WaAsleh Lee SahneeKulla Hu La Ila Ha Ela Anta”

It is mandatory to read ‘Darood Shareef’ before and after every dua. Another good practice of gaining your spouse back is to recite ‘Surah Ar-Rahman’ on Fridays after Asar Salah.

Repent passionately from your heart and express your desire for reunion to God. Allah is all-forgiving, and so, In Sha Allah, your heartfelt cry will be answered by Him.

No human being will be allowed to enter Jannah unless he forgives and reconciles with his fellow human beings. Thus, reconciliation holds an important place in Islam.

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