Dua For Marriage With A Loved One

Dua For Marriage With A Loved One
Dua For Marriage With A Loved One

Dua For Marriage With A Loved One

Dua For Marriage With A Loved One or rabbi inni lima anzalta for love marriage can be use to marry someone of your choice. Our molana will provide you dua to marry someone you love but parents are objecting.

Which Dua Use For Marriage With A Loved One?

Marrying someone is, indeed, a dream for any person. Getting a person by our side throughout your life, walking path side by side, getting support in every ups and downs and twists and turns is indeed a pure bliss. And if the groom is your loved one, then it will be cherry on the cake. Nothing can be more sweet and peaceful than getting your loved one as your life partner.

Dua For Marriage With A Loved One
Dua For Marriage With A Loved One

But things are not rosy enough always. If you love someone, that is not haram in Islam if you are marrying him/her. Many times, we can see that people come into your life, play with your feelings and get away without marriage. Things start to become pretty rough in those cases, and eventually, the situation becomes worse.

We often forget that Allah(Swt) has a solution for every problem. If you want to get married to your loved ones, then follow this dua to have a successful marriage.

“subh’aanallad’ee khalaqal azwaaja kullahaa mimmaa tumbitul arz’u wa min anfusihim wa mimmaa laa ya’lamoon”

All you have to do is “ya wudu” 11 times with your fajir namaz. Then recite this dua with your loved one for 458 times. If correctly done, this dua will show its result in just two days. It will undoubtedly help you to marry your loved one. Keep faith in Allah(Swt) as he is the master and always do what is right for us. We need to obey him, and he will solve all problems Inshaallah.

What is Rabbi Inni lima Anzalta For Love Marriage?

Rabbi Inni lima Anzalta For Love Marriage, The Holy Quran says that Allah made every living thing in pairs. He made someone for every one of us. When we love someone, and we want to walk the path of life with him/her, we always want that he/ she be the person created for me.

Everybody speaks that “men are from mars and women are from Venus.” But nobody can guarantee this. Nobody can say the person you love is the best match for you or not.

Today we can see many people living a life full of anxiety &  depression due to the odd choice of life partner. It is not easy at all to live your whole life with a companion who isn’t meant to be with you. We can see many people choose the wrong partner in life, and their life became quite miserable.

Are you one of those? Do you want the person you love and want to get married, be the person made for you? A simple yet powerful dua can give you your desired partner.

“rabbi inni lemaa anzalta elayaa min khairin faqeer”

All you have to do is recite this dua ten times a day. Then you pray to Allah that your loved one be full of good thoughts and kindness. If you can do this dua properly, you can see the door opened, and the great Allah has solved all of your problems. Everyone should read this dua of chapter 28, verse 24 of the Holy Quran.

Which Dua Use To Marry Someone of Your Choice?

Dua To Marry Someone of Your Choice, Marrying someone of your choice is the most pleasant thing about getting married. But it is not easy, though. Sometimes it happens that the person you choose is not ready to marry you and you want to get married soon. Sometimes his/ her parents stand against this marriage.

In either way, it is shocking, and heart-melting for a person who truly loves someone but can’t get married. We can see Many people adjust and compromise, but they can’t find their inner peace without the person of their choice.

Allah created this universe and gave us the will and freedom to live and continue our journey with the person of our choice. If husband and wife choose each other, then the loving bond between them remains strong, and peace resides in their family.

If you want to marry someone you choose, then follow this simple dua. It will solve all problems, and you can quickly marry the person of your choice.

First, you have to read “Ya Latifu.” Then you have to read the following dua for 184 times.

“As-Allahu anyaj ‘ala baynakum wa-baynallazeea ‘aadaytum-minhum-muddatan. Wa-Allahu Qadeerun Wa-Allahu Ghafooru-Raheemu. Ajib ya Jibraaeelu ya Dardaaeelu ya Raftamaeelu ya Tankafeelu Bihaqqi la Ilaaha Illa-Allahu Mu’hammadur Rasoolullahi wa ‘ala waliyyillaahi wa wadoodu ya wahhabu ya budduhu al hubbi falan bint falan ‘ala hubbi  falan bin falan”

You have to do this after fajir. You will get success within three days.

Which Dua Use To Marry Someone of You Love But Parents Are Objecting?

Dua To Marry Someone of You Love But Parents Are Objecting, Parents always want to see their children happy after marriage. So they don’t respect their child’s opinion and choose someone of their own choice.

Often they rejected the person their child chooses and fixes the marriage of their child with the person they think is right for them. The young people who give in, sometimes has to face severe depression and mental illness.

Parents don’t understand that it is not sinning if their child feels a particular affinity to someone as no one has control over his/her feelings. Sometimes they forcefully marry their child to their own choice and unknowingly make their life miserable.

Are you going through the same problem? Are you in a dilemma? Can’t choose between your lover and your parents? Follow this dua to make your parent or your lover’s parent agree with your relationship.

You can recite “ya wadudo ya raufo ya Raheem wala wazifa” soon your problem will solve. You can see it.

Dua is the most powerful three-letter word. It serves to reach you directly to Allah(swt). If you can perform this dua with a pure heart and soul, you will get things in your favor.

If you want to make your parents agree about your relationship, you can also perform this dua.

“laqaad jaa akum min anfushikam azeezum Allayahi alyakum bilmoominaa ra-oofur Raheem.”

This is a very powerful dua. You will surely become successful if you continuously perform this dua.

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