Dua To Forget Someone Completely

Dua To Forget Someone Completely
Dua To Forget Someone Completely

Dua To Forget Someone Completely

Dua To Forget Someone Completely or to stop thinking about someone can be use to remove someone from your life. Use our dua for someone to leave you alone to forget someone.

Is There Any Dua To Forget Someone?

Excess of everything is not suitable for anyone. It’s about a person or a thing. People have any habits like smoking, drinking, and others as well. If they have all these habits and people do things in a controlled way. Then it’s not a bed for anyone. What do you mean by a calm situation or in limit?? If someone has any habit and that habit couldn’t effect anymore. Those who have that habit couldn’t behave in the wrong way. That means that pattern is not impacting anyone. That habit known which you can control is known as addiction.

Dua To Forget Someone Completely
Dua To Forget Someone Completely

It is better than you can control our habits and your emotion for others. Stuck in our past, this will happen with everyone. Either we stuck with the relationship with our ex-boyfriend/Ex-girlfriend in our previous relations, or stuck with someone friendship else stuck in other relationship with our ex-husband/ex-wife. It’s difficult for anyone to move on from any relationship & No one is constant in this world. People will move from any situation, and it is heartbreak or any other scenario.

Dua To Stop Thinking About Someone

Dua To Stop Thinking About Someone, There are various situations where people can hurt someone. If we are in a relationship, we are attached to the people. Then we get hurt, and this will affect our personal and professional life. Try to recover from your relation. And try to focus on the goal which you want to achieve. Forget the past and focus on your present and future as well. if you are angry to someone due to lack of communication then use our Dua To Make Someone Talk To You and see magic within some time.

The best way to get over from any relation and forget the person to whom you attached does the Dua. The best way to get over any relationship is to stay away from that person. Dua to Stop Thinking About Someone if you have broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend a few months back and still can’t able to forget him/her. Then you are not able to survive your life happily. And you need to try a few things through which you can get over from this relationship. There are some ways to get over from the relationship.

Try to follow a few steps

Stop Virtual Stalking – Try to stop virtual stalking that is trying to unfollow the person to whom you break up or to whom you are in a relationship from various social media. This will help you to stop thinking about that person.

Toss Nostalgic Memorabilia – a physical reminder will also help you to get over from the relation. Try to remove that material thing from which you get emotionally attached. Try to throw them out and move further from their memories.

No Contact Rule – try to remove that person’s contact number and try to don’t text, call, or message them. Minimize contact related to that person and their relatives. To start reading the Dua, you have to take a shower and wear clean clothes. After that, recite the Durood Shareef for three times. Then start reading

“Allahukaafi wahnihimal waah ala hamdoo kafiniya lomartoma sromanaty domantas godey keefejodi,”

Read Dua 301 times for seven days . Don’t do any delay and gap to read the Dua.

Dua To Remove Someone From Your Life

Dua To Remove Someone From Your Life, People also start reading Dua for removing or take off someone from your life. As we all if someone is in any relationship and has a friend. But due to some circumstances, they can’t live happily, and they get separated. Then it’s difficult to move on. All this affects your present and future life. It’s better to try to forget that person by focusing on another thing that you want to achieve.

Remove someone from your life is not an easy task. You are emotionally attached to that person. We know people are trying very hard to forget that person and their memories. But it’s not easy at all. To remove that person from your life, there are different steps that you need to follow. But you need to follow that step strictly.

You can unfollow that person from your social media. You can also delete the contact and other details related to him/her. Last but not least, you can also remove the stuff which you get from her/his. Always follow these steps to remove that person from your life.

Allah created a beautiful garden. But Allah had more profound significance for the park. He created Adam and Hawwa and sent them to experience the beauty of that garden .relationship is like a garden, and it needs lots of patience and constant caring to live beautifully. It doesn’t happen, and then this will cause a parasite of plants that can destroy the whole garden.

There are different Dua to remove someone from your life. If you are in an abusive relationship and have fear about your safety, then perform the following wazifa.

  1. laah’awlawalaa quwwata illabillaah
  2. Recite dua 100 times daily. And also read additional Wazifa for this.
  3. Surah Al-Mujadila [58], especially the verses that have “Allah” in them.

Dua For Someone To Leave You Alone

Dua For Someone To Leave You Alone, Life is a long journey, and it offers you so much more than your expectation. If someone hurts you, then that person wasn’t your life. If he/ she leaves you, then inshallah, maybe it happens that you can get the better person then him/her. As there are Quotes: If Allah closes one door, then indeed he opens for you many more. All you have to do is to look and look beyond that person.

Dua, for someone to leave you alone and stop thinking about that person, is an essential factor to move on. In life, there are few situations. When you want to be alone and also want to take a break from any relations. Either it could be a lover, friend, and relatives. Few people in your life leave you for the good of your life.

If you are facing any problem in your love life and friends, then it’s better then you can take a break from that relation. After taking a break from the relations, try to analyze the things. Which couldn’t work between you? And if things will resolve, then proceed further. Otherwise, leave that person.

Dua for someone to leave you alone

“Ya Muhammad walidawoodsalaalahawalaah Huurahmaatsalaaha e walaahhowaliimaula”

  1. Recite this dua in an isolated place at least 91 times in a day
  2. And Recite for 21 days. And also put that person’s image in front of you.

There are such incidents & situations in our life. When due to some problems and misunderstandings, people are making the distance from your life. But these people are very close to your heart. And you are emotionally attached to them. You are emotionally attached to that person. It’s difficult to forget him/her and move on.


Dua for forgetting someone is not as easy as it could bePeople live their life with one another. They get attached to that person whom they spent their time, either that person is his/her friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, or any other relation.to move from your past is not as easy as we think. If we are stuck in our history, then it will ruin our present & future as well. So let’s go that and move on.

Allah gives us only lives, so live that live happily with your loved one. And forget your past. To forget your past, there is Dua & wazifa to forget someone and remove that person from your life. No point in wasting your energy on a single person. These Dua are read for a specific time in a day for a certain period.

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