Powerful Dua To Get Visa

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Powerful Dua To Get Visa


It is always advisable to begin with Bismilla hhir Rahman nir Raheem With the Name of ALLAH. Now we are going to discuss what exactly visa is & why we need a wazfia or dua or pray to get it. Visa is a conditional document issue by a country to the foreigners to enter the country and stay in the country temporarily.

It has certain limitations like duration of stay of the foreigner, the territory of the country where they are allowed to enter, the date they may enter the country and the date by which they have to leave the country.  They are basically ask permission to enter the country.
Visa is a condition based document that will be issue only when all the requisite conditions mentioned fulfilled by the applicant. Further, it is a ask for permission. If we are able to fulfill requisite still we are not sure whether our ask for permission to enter the desired country will be granted or not. Many a times it happens we complied with all the requisite details still we are not granted visa one or another reason.

So we need dua, wazifa or invocation to seek the visa. DUA seems to be three small letters which a word (DUA) comprises. But the subject of dua is large and breathtaking. Dua has great power in it and can overturn any decision in our favor. But the dua should be performed with a peaceful mind and pious intention then only it works. It can take us out of all our sufferings, but one should know the dua that needs to be performed for their goal. Every duas written for a specific purpose which it serves.

Before one can do for a dua, it is important, that at first they should do a proper wudhu followed by two Rakaats Salaat(reciting whichever surahs one deires). Then only it is advisable to start your dua by praising Allah.

Dua “’Laailaahaillallaahulhaleemulkareem Subhaanallaahurabbilarshiladheem, alhamdulillaahirabbil aalameen.As-alukamuwjibaatrahmatika, wa adhaaimamaghfiratikawalghaneemat min kullibirr was salaamat min kulliithm.

It is such a powerful dua, which will help you to fulfill all the conditions required to secure visa. Not only this, it will have your ask for permission to enter the desired country. Not only this, it has power to get you granted the permission requested to enter the country you desired.

Always remember help and help comes from Allah, he (Allah) grants & withhold the wishes of whomsoever he wants. Do not become sad, it your wishes are not fulfilled, Allah must have something better than what you are asking him to give. Just have full faith.

Dua, “’Laailaahaillallaahulhaleemulkareem.Subhaanallaahurabbilarshiladheem, alhamdulillaahirabbil aalameen. As-alukamuwjibaatrahmatika, wa `adhaaimamaghfiratikawalghaneematminkulli birr was salaamat min kulliithm.

This dua, if recited by a spouse will help them to secure a visa to join their partner settled in a foreign country. It is hard to live without your partner; this dua will help in unifying you with your partner.

It is not only we who pray for our success, but all those who love us and whom we love, are equally concerned about our goals and their success. Dua, “The Noble Qur’an, Surah, Surah Quraish, Lieelafiqurayshin, Eelafihimrihlataalshshitaiwaalssayfi, Falya AAbudoorabba hatha albayti, Allazee at ‘amahum min joo’inwaamanahum min khawfin”.

This dua can be performed anyone seeking visa. Even a wife can perform the dua and it will work. This dua will help her husband to seek a visa.  It will eliminate all the obstacle and hurdles which, he is seeking, while securing a visa for himself.

Husband wife relationship is one of the most wonderful relations in the world. They are equally concerned and aware of each other sufferings. Even if they have not shared their sufferings, this relationship has such a power which makes them aware, if anything is going wrong with another. This is just because they are not only life mates but also soul mates.

Wife, if finds, that her husband is not able to get a job, after all attempts, it is suggested to go with the dua “Read Darood/SalawatTaj (You can find it at the bottom of this page) after every Salah/Namaz 7 times and after Eisha Salah/Namaz 101 times.”


Powerful Dua To Get Visa

Powerful Dua To Get Visa
Powerful Dua To Get Visa

While performing this, she must ask her husband to search for a job every day. As it is one of the conditions of dua to do so. And it should be done for three consecutive days without any miss. And if he is not able to find the job in three days, from fourth day onwrds after Fajr Salah/Namaz start reading Darood/SalawatTaj and keep on reading it until someone comes and give him the news that got a job.

Each and every dua suggested above is very powerful and going to help you in securing the visa earliest. Provided they are performed in a religious way. Remember dua only works when it performed with full belief in Allah and with a pure intention. Allah is always there to help you.