Dua During First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Trimester of Pregnancy is the is the time period between the first day when a girl gets pregnant to the 3 months of its pregnancy. The first trimester is between 1-12 weeks. There are 3 different trimesters in the whole pregnancy of the Women. This period is the most important phase in we need much extra attention to the pregnant lady and various Dua are there to keep both the baby and the mother safe and healthy. The chances of influencing the life by any bad soul is maximum for a pregnant lady and Muslim Dua has a great tendency to keep bad souls away from us that’s why Muslim Wazifa’s are used in the prayer.
Trimester Of Pregnancy
Trimester Of Pregnancy

Dua During Fear

Whenever anyone is scared of anything, then Dua is the one and only choice by which one can make himself feel secure by the cause of this fear. Behind this Dua a hope is hidden to keep all the disturbances and causes of fear away from us and our belongings. Mainly children’s suffer from the cases of fear when they saw any horror movie or any such incident in their real life to which they are not able to skip from their mind, either they itself prays to skip this memory or some time their belongings do the same.

Dua During Friday

Friday is a very important day in Islam and for the people of Islam. This day is important because Adam Alayhis Salaam was created on Friday by the Allah and on Friday Adam has granted entry in Jannah. And Adam Alayhis was come to to earth on Friday and on Friday Adam Alayhis Salaam Died. There is a divine hour on Friday  in which a person is granted whatever desired lawful and good by Allah. The Dua made on Friday is considered as the most powerful Dua and the Dua made in that are never goes for a waste.
Dua During Friday
Dua During Friday

Dua During First 10 Days Ramadan

The meaning of Dua is Invocation to Allah. One can recites Dua in any of the language ever invented in this Universe, Allah accepts your Duas in whatever language you are using. The first 10 blessed days of this holy month are of the Aallah’s Mercy and in these first ten days we recites the Dua and Wazifa’s for the peace and love around them. These 10 days are the days in which Allah showers the love, peace, unity, feelings of brotherhood, and the satisfaction with their lives.

Dua During Fajr Prayer

Fajr Prayer is the first 5 daily prayers that are recited by the practising Muslim. These daily 5 prayers combinedly form one of the 5 Pillars of Islam. Fajr prayer is also mentioned in the Quran and there is a great importance of Fajr prayer in Muslims. The timing of Fajr prayer is from the crack of the Dawn to the sunrise and according to Muslim beliefs a true Muslim never forgets the Fajr prayer and the Dua made during Fajr prayer has a potential that it can fill the world with showers of joy and happiness.