Dua To Get Ex Boyfriend Back

Dua To Get Ex Boyfriend Back
Dua To Get Ex Boyfriend Back

Dua To Get Ex Boyfriend Back

Dua To Get Ex Boyfriend Back providing you a powerful solution for Get Married To Your Boyfriend, now you can Control Your Boyfriend. we also provide you Dua For My Boyfriend To Love Me, so use dua to get your ex lover back through the power of quran kareem.

In our adulthood, we meet many people. Some are our friends, some acquaintances, some colleagues, some brothers-sisters whereas someone become much more than all this. We start loving that person. And we are happy to realize that another person is reciprocating it. We spend some golden days with them, and suddenly someday you wake up to know you have lost him.

Dua To Get Ex Boyfriend Back
Dua To Get Ex Boyfriend Back

For most of the girls, it is a sudden accident or incident. Either they catch their boyfriend cheating, or suddenly he stops talking, or he abruptly let you know that he is breaking up with you. You don’t understand what is going on, how it all happened. And you very well know, you certainly don’t deserve it. In such situations, you can use this following dua to get ex-boyfriend back.

‘Hurrayyat al-e-adeem nammo kadr husn ellahi-al-jubani al haajami bihadi wa kadim julam kulm qadir sadagi kahl-e-shahjud ‘adada kahlqihi nasif nafahiq qadar aameen.’

Means, Oh Allah! I am your devotee. I seek your mercy. There is nothing except you that will get me, my love, back. I ask you to get me back together with him. I am showing my faith in you.

First of all, you need to write this in a piece of paper. Keep a single rose petal in that paper and throw it in running water. Try to write this on as many pages as you can. Before you throw it in the water, make sure you fold it properly. Don’t let it open up. The more you do it, the greater would be the impact of this dua to get ex-boyfriend back

Dua To Get Married To Your Boyfriend

Many girls remain in a relationship. And furthermore, they wish they could convert their relationship into a marriage. There could be many complications involved. There could be family problems like different cast or parents might not be agreeing. Boyfriend himself doesn’t see the future with you. Above all, he might not have an interest in marriage at all.

There are many people now like to be in live-in-relationship. Parents might have decided a much better bridegroom (according to them) for you, and they insist you marry him. You might want to get married as soon as possible because you want to avoid any further complications or negative factors that might work against your dream of marrying your love of life. Allah can come to your rescue in such situations. Here’s a dua to get married to your boyfriend:

‘Bakr waleed musafa elahi-maam-qurrd wal-dayn kufri minal bil-laahi aallahumma shamatatil-adaa aduwwi wa min lee min sidiqin mukhraja wa aameen’

Means, Oh our creator! Hey, the most potent deity! I seek your blessing so that I can marry my love. Due to your grace and mercy, you can make my life beautiful. Please bless me with a delightful experience with him.

First of all, you have to chant this as many times as possible in your mind whenever you are with him. Also pray namaz regularly, at least thrice a day. After your namaz chat this dua to get married to your boyfriend at least once. Finally, follow all Islamic rules to make Allah happy. Cover your head and hair all the time. Wearing black is always better when it comes to praising Allah.

Dua To Control Your Boyfriend

Getting control of your boyfriend could become a need sometimes. He might have attracted to another girl. You want him to marry you and maybe he is under the influence of his parents to marry a girl that they saw for him. Or want more love from him. No matter what you do, he rarely seems to budge you.

In such a situation, you can utilize your spiritual power. When all solutions fail, Allah is the answer to all your problems. Here’s a dua to control your boyfriend:

‘Laysa min-al Abdul elaahi kal-du-jamil aee hukhm janulabdin al-huk jul-ke-samal a’laa wa min kum’kard qareeb-ol-muhammal riqzdeen-in-samail janub-e-samair’

Means, ‘Hey Allah, Hey owner of the splendor, Hey self-subsisting, I need your mercy. Give me power so that I can be in more control in my love relationship. Bless me with your abundance and influence.

First of all, this dua works best when you are serving, offering or giving something to your boyfriend that is he going to consume or use actively. So you can utilize this when you are gifting him something, there could be a time when you are making his favorite dish for him, or you could only be giving him water when drops in at your place. All these occasions could be a golden opportunity for you to use this dua to control your boyfriend.

Usage is simple. You have to chant this dua whenever you are giving or preparing to give something to him. Finally, the power of this dua would transfer through that thing and would influence him.

Dua For My Boyfriend To Love Me

In life, many a time it happens that you are in a relationship with a guy and he seems not to be loving you as much as he should be. You start feeling insecure. It feels like ‘am I not good enough?’ ‘what’s wrong?’ Etc thought to cloud up your mind. You try to do many things to attract him more. Or maybe he likes another girl. Now, this could be a dangerous situation for your relationship. But no worries. You can use spiritual healing in such cases.

Here is a dua for it. This dua is also famously known as ‘Dua for my boyfriend to love me’:

‘Bah’r wa laa arz’i yasin muqabala laa gayabi i’ndahoo ki’labd su’kalab dook’aul dam satai-e-shahjad mahfitul ak’qabul z’ullumatil fee qayoo kulli anta waraa-I-d’aalika.’

It translates roughly like this, I praise to Allah for all the grace he has blessed upon me. Hey Allah, Hey father of everything, I seek your abundance today. Hey creator, give more a beauty that my love can never deny. I would always be your slave.

Some old lady gave this dua. A grand-daughter of hers put this on facebook. She was going through a similar situation. Therefore, then her granny helped her by providing this dua to her. You merely have to make sure that you pray Namaz at least thrice a day. And after your Namaz, you sit and chant this dua only three times. Do this for a week and see the results.

Many girls got the results from this ‘dua for my boyfriend to love me.’ Her granny got quite a viral on social media due to this dua.

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