Marriage is the big occasion for both bride and groom. Not only had they tied a bond for a life time, their families too also united. After complete the marriage, every couple wants to lead a happy married life and their families too also want that their marriage would be happy and prosperous. Even after the marriage is done, families of the couple practice dua for newly marriage couple and give their blessings to the married couple. Neither of bride’s family nor groom’s family wanted to see both bride and groom apart instead they always pray for their successful marriage life and retain their love for each other for a life time.


Dua for New Marriage

Marriage is the beginning of new life for everyone. With the addition of this new life, additional responsibilities and extra care must be taken care of. Marry with someone does not mean that you have to live with your life partner and you have just taken care of his or her health. Marriage means that you have to take some responsibilities and take care of your life partner wishes, health, taste, feelings and emotions. In some way around in your life you need somebody to whom you can tell your secrets, shows your emotions, share your sorrows, and with whom you love to spend your time. This is the definition of life partner who can take stand for you if the situation is against you or protect you from any uncertainties. To keep this relationship stronger for a long period of time couple should have to maintain their love for each other and blessings from their elders.

Newly wedding couple always dreamt of a life where there is a lot of space for love and blessings. For beginning of a successful marriage life, every Muslim couple or their families should have to practice dua for newly wedding couple.

Some married couples spent their life away from their parents because of jobs. Although their parents did not look over them but still they can send their blessings to the couples by performing dua to wish newly married couple. Dua is not only the supplication but it is also a way of communication between parents and their children and also let the children gets the blessings from their elders.

Newly married Muslim couples in different nations are used to perform these types of dua to maintain the peace between them and for more accurate results; some couples perform dua for newly married Muslim couple to make their start successful for leading a successful marriage life.

Many marriages have a lot of love at the start but after sometime passes this love starts to get fade due to more engagement in daily work. Due to their busy schedules couples did not get much time to spend together. To keep your love for a last long in marriage every couple should get blessings from their elders and family and their families must perform dua for newly married couple.