Love is a beautiful ship to sail on. Although, the journey is difficult to travel and couples have to pass lots of hurdles but the time they spent together is the most memorable and also may result into a foundation of love marriage.

In above statement ‘hurdles’ is mentioned by which it is mean to said that many people (including parents and related society) on the context of their culture does not support love marriages or love because inter caste marriages can harm their reputation and love couples find difficulty to convince them, so they can get married. It is important for any love marriage to have acceptance of society and the family otherwise they would not let any love couple to marry.

These kinds of troubles are common in many rural areas but still love couples get managed to marry by going against the decision of their parents and societies. But still many Muslim couples are practicing dua for love marriage and leaving their troubles behind.


Love and Marriage  

Love and marriage are two different things but when we put both the words together then we could get a world what we are dreamt for. Many people did not managed to get a love in their marriage life or bachelor life and many Muslims did not managed to marry and also not getting a love from anyone but instead they perform dua for love and marriage because Allah will listen to their prayer and all he wants from his followers is to keep patience and faith in Allah. If your intentions are good and you are doing your part what you are needed to get your marriage done then Allah will grant his blessings to you to make your marriage happens or to get a love in your life.

Love Marriage Acceptance

Although dua could be successful in making love marriage happens but still some couples did not find satisfaction until they did not get acceptance from their parents or societies. Many couples believe that marriage is incomplete without the blessings of their parents. It is important to convince them of giving approval to their marriage. Drifting apart from their families would not let any couple get satisfaction until they convinced their family to accept the love marriage. With the dua for love marriage, one should also perform dua for love marriage acceptance and seeks Allah’s help to get approval from the parents and society.

Dua in Different languages    

Dua, which is the Islamic practice of remembering God to complete one’s wish, comes in different languages so that many Muslims in different nations are able to recite and perform it according to their native language. As we are talking in context of love marriages, one can perform any dua for love marriage in Arabic, Urdu, and English.

It is important to know for any Muslim reader that reciting and performing dua in different languages does not mean that dua will not work or change the meaning of its purpose because God only understands your feelings and emotions no matter in what language you are communicating with him.