Dua during Anger

Anger is a kind of emotion, every human being have it, but no one want it, because anger spoil the things. However, anger is not good for health. Don’t make decisions while you are angry with someone or on someone, because decisions that are taken in anger mostly proved wrong. Always make dua during anger that it never come again in your life, always you keep away from such bad thing which spoil the houses, relationships etc. Make dua to be control over your anger. If you have no control over your anger, then you may contact with our dua specialist, who makes your help in avoiding anger or to control over anger.


Dua during Azan
Dua during Azan



Dua during Ablution

When someone take ablution or bath or wudhu or shower, then he or she always makes a dua from Allah that O Allah as water purifies my body from outside, you will always guide me to make my inner soul neat and clean so that I can see my original true face when I looked up into the mirror. Always guide me and my inner soul not to proceed in wrong direction on any wrong path by which I will only get badness and become a dirty spot not only on my family but also for all the people and my nation. Due to my bad deed my relatives don’t look upside, don’t live properly, don’t dreamed at night. Once your soul spoiled don’t think that you will never able to stand up in your own eyes. Make atonement by asking forgiveness and mercy from Allah.


Dua during Azan

Azan is a loud voice spread in every direction through speakers, which are situated over the Masjid. A person through it makes a call to notify about the time to make dua in front of Allah. During azan a person makes dua that today someone start believing on Allah, keep his or her faith in Allah, everyone will get goodness etc.


Dua during Arafat

The ninth day of Dhul Hijjah, also the very second day of Hajj, it is the Day of Arafat. Millions of pilgrims collected to set in the plains of Arafat after the sunrise to hear the Khutba of Arafat and prayer their Zuhr & Asr salat combined with the Sunnah of Rasool Allah. After then they get busy in supplication to Allah from Zuhr to Magrib, seeking for mercy and forgiveness from their Lord before leaving their place for Muzdhalifah. Before making dua learn the correct procedure to make dua and what asking for in the dua.


Dua during Attahiyat

Attahiyat is not a ‘dua’, it’s actually a part of conversation established in between our creator Allah (SWT) and our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW). However, whenever anyone comes to know about the importance of this conversations, his or her heart melts down and takes a swear that neither to fall in any bad deed nor to support the doers of it. If you want to hear such a dua, then contact to our specialist, who will offer you such kind of dua and further more details.