Dua During Namaz

During namaz, every other person wants to put their different– different wishes in front of Allah. During namaz, sad people make dua for arrival of happiness in his or her life, poor person for money, jobless person for job, hungry person for food, etc.


Dua During Pregnancy

Ten months is so long time to give birth to a child, till then all family members, specially husband, have to protect and take care of the pregnant woman from not only all evil powers, evil eyes, but also from any unwanted happening. During pregnancy every family member wants to get a new born child safely, successfully and happily, without facing any trouble. So everyone wants to make dua for the pregnant woman, during pregnancy of his wife, someone’s daughter- in- law, someone’s sister- in- law, someone’s sister- law, someone’s daughter etc. Husband should always stay behind the pregnant wife, because how much open a wife feels from her husband, do not feel with any other one. As Allah helps everyone, will also help you one day sooner be calm wait and watch. If you perform Dua continuously against Allah in a proper manner, then Inshallah your all desires about new born will fulfill sooner accordingly.


Dua During Umrah
Dua During Umrah


Dua During Marriage

Everyone, who is relative or true friend of someone makes dua for him or her during the awesome occasion of marriage of him or her. They want to make dua for him or her because they truly want to see him or her happy in his or her married life. If there is someone in your life, who is going to marry sooner and you think yourself to be his or her true friend or well- wisher, then you can also make dua during his or her marriage for him or her to have happier married life further, he or she should live. The up- going marriage couple also take this dua and make dua during his or her own marriage. For taking dua you have to contact with our dua specialist, who will provide you a dua according and directions to make use of it also.


Dua During Wudu

Wudu means to clean the body parts by the use of water. During wudu all person makes dua to be clean from all kind of bad deeds he or she had done knowingly or unknowingly likewise they clean squalor from his or her body by flowing water so that can gain mercy from Allah. You will come to know about, what dua is making and how it is doing by contacting from our dua specialist, who will offers you a dua according to you along with the directions to use it properly.


Dua During Umrah

Umrah is an Arabic word, which means travel or pilgrimage for Mecca, Saudi Arabia. When someone going for such a holy place, then during Umrah he or she always making a dua for getting enough strength to drive the life smoothly throughout the struggles of life. so making dua during Umrah you have to take it from our dua specialist by contacting with him.