Dua During Salah

Meaning of salah is a prayer or a collection of some small prayers, which are used just after the completion of main prayer (called as namaz).


Dua during Stress

To diagnose your problem and adopt some means for cure, it is teaching in Shariha. Here we have some dua to make use of which, when under stress and experiencing anxiety. The person, who tried to know the cause of the problems and if adopt the means of Salah and Duas during stress, surely gets remedy of his or her any kinds of problem. The feeling of stress is actually a test conduct and taken by Allah, because Allah wants to know that at what pressure and in which condition this iron man will break. So you can take dua from our dua specialist to make dua against Allah for the forgiveness and confession over your sin or bad deed that you did knowingly or unknowingly.


Dua during Sajda

Sajda is also a kind of small prayer included in the small prayers list, which is using just after reading namaz or making main prayer against Allah. However, if you want to go beyond it, then you may consult with our dua specialist or you may recite the whole chapter in one Rakah (rakat). If you want to take a dua, which you can make use of during sajda, then you may have to contact with our dua specialist. In public you would pray for a shorter time slot with it.


Dua during Sleep
Dua during Sleep


Dua during Sleep

Every other different people make different – different dua against Allah for himself or herself. Someone uses dua for the new day with new opportunities in the next morning, some uses dua that he or she will always start his or her day with goodness, some uses dua that all is well from the next morning etc. With the Name of Allah, the most polite, the most kind, you have to pray using with our dua during sleep that if knowingly or unknowingly any deed done by you then O Allah mercy upon you and provide you the way with guidance so that you become able to make your future better. That prompt alone is enough for us to be aware of our mortality and the transience of this world. If you also want to take such kind of some dua for any purpose you have, then try to contact with our dua specialist anyhow.


Dua during Sickness

When someone become sick, he or she has no work to do rather than lying on the bed. So that is the best time when the whole day he or she can make dua for anything, either for family or for any kind of problem. You can take dua from our dua specialist and trying to use dua for any kind of problem you are going through which. Many people get benefit from our dua taken from our dua specialist along with the directions to make use of it with more accurate method and proper manner in particular direction during sickness.