Biwi Ko Kabu Karne Ki Dua

Biwi Ko Kabu Karney Ki Dua
Biwi Ko Kabu Karney Ki Dua

Biwi Ko Kabu Karne Ki Dua

Biwi Ko Kabu Karne Ki Dua, The relationship between you and your wife is a very precious one. This relationship has be managed with care and prejudice. A good relationship with your wife, can lead to great happiness and joy in your life. However in today’s busy and work filled world, this relationship is under heavy pressure. A disagreement with your wife, can be due to various reasons and factors. However whatever the reason is, it spoils the peace and quiet at home and destroys the whole world around you. If you want to have a wife who is in your control and listens and agrees to your every thought and wish, you need to do something about it. Here is a simple and yet powerful Dua for you to practice, on a daily basis to gain control over your wife and influence her to be respectable towards you.

Biwi Ko Kabu Karney Ki Dua
Biwi Ko Kabu Karney Ki Dua

Biwi Ko Kabu Karney Ki Dua

‘Umul Salalaho Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqua Aanhaa Se Riwayat Hai Huzur Salalahi Wasalam’

Read this dua after you read the Sarahh Ikhlas  –

‘Bismillahi Aliyul Azime Allah Hu Akbar Allah Hu Akbar

Bismil Illahi Allah Humma Jaanib Nassh Shaetana Wa Jannie Bish Shaiytana Me Raza Tanaktana

Allah Uma Innie Assaluka Min Khairiha Vaakhirei Ma Fie Vaakhirei Maa Jabaltah Alai Vah Audhu Va Sharrie Ma Jabaltah Ali’

You should read this 40 days 300 hundred times a day. Once done, your wife will be in your kabu. However you should also remember that, this is not something that you should use for controlling your wife all the time. Wife loves you and cares about you. So you should use this only when she is wrong or under bad influence. This Dua will correct her and bring her back to listen to you. If she is already right in our thoughts and is good, there is no need to use this Dua. You should only use this for the good of the person and not for anything else.

Biwi Ko Razi Karney Ki Dua

You should read “Muddat A Amal Taa Munsul A Murad” for 11 times a day. Along with this you should also read the “Dareed Sharif” at the end of the Dua. Read the “Surah Al Akhlas”90 times  a day for 11 days along with “Darood Ibrahmi”for 41 times. Read “Ya Lateefo Ya Hallemo”. This is particularly effective and will see results in 30 days. Read “Surah Al Muijjamil along with Darood Sharif 11 times a day. All these are dua that you can use to convince your wife of something that you want to do and need her agreement. All these dua are powerful and yield in immediate results. You should however pray with utmost concentration and good hearted ness.

Biwi Se Mohabbat Ki Dua

Unfortunately, in many families, the wife sometimes find it hard to love their husband in a whole hearted manner. This is especially true if it is an arranged marriage and  the couple do not know each other very well before marriage. Fortunately you have a dua to make your biwi fall in love with you.

“Haan Yaa Huqqu Bihaaki Tunkafeeil”.

“Bismmillaah Hirrahman Nirraheeim”. It’s a very effective dua for Mohobbat.

“Wal Kaazminaal Gaiaza Wal Afina Anninaasee Vallaho Yohibbul Mohinseen”.

You should recite this dua for 108 times in a day and do this for 28 days. You will see immediate and effective results.

Recite “Suraaha Jummah” The day of Jummah Mubarak.

Recite “Suraaha Anfal Ayyat” 11 times in a day.

All these duas are for the benefit of you and your wife. You should always do them with good heart and pray for the well being of your wife. A wife always wants to be good to you and wants to see you succeed. Their success is tied in with your success. You should also do other things for the love of your wife like, take care of them when they are sick or ill. Pray for their well being. Doing all these will help you win your wife and have a successful and peaceful family life. Success in family is very important for success in society or work. Without a peaceful and content family, it is very hard to lead a successful life in your society and among your friends. It is also very difficult and distracting for your to be good at your work outside.

Not taking of the basics will make your life miserable and difficult to live. It will send you a downward spiral and coming out of it will be very difficult. So with these duas if practiced properly with a good heart, you can overcome all that and be a successful person. Your rest of the family and society will respect you and look up to you for advice on how you can manage things so easily. Your work will also do very well. Allah is the master and you are in good hands if you follow his advice. He will be your protector and shield from all bad things. Being a good Muslim will lead to unending benefits for you. You should however be a pious and true follower and make sure you practice these duas.

With Allah by your side and a happy content family, you can achieve anything you want in life. You can decide what you want to do with your life and lead a peaceful and content filled joyful life. You however have to take the first step to submit yourself to him. Believe in him and make him your master. You will be successful, happy and all bad influences will be shielded from you. So what are you waiting for? Get into action and follow the almighty. Take care of your wife and follow the Dua. Be successful in your life!