Today, we can see bitterness and disunity in most of the lives of the married couples. Hard work, stress and busy life are the keys that making a couple apart and develops irritation against each other. At start of the marriage life, love is at the peak between husband and wife but after some time passes their love starts to fade away. With the increasing responsibility of family and work, both of them did not get enough time to spend with each other and hence, bitterness comes into play. One should perform a dua for love in husband and wife which let him or her to get closer to life partner.



Dua for Increasing Love between Husband & Wife

Love is something which you not have to do it only, but also increase it and maintain it. If a couple is successful in keeping love increases and maintains with the pace of the life then they are the happiest couple. Each couple has a fight sometimes in their lifetime but a couple who managed to get past those fights and did not let any consequence to effects their love life that couple is a great example of love. If still any couple is finding trouble in maintaining a relationship then a couple needs some spiritual powers of Dua to play an important role in their lives. Both husband and wife are needed to maintain understanding between them and they both are needed to perform dua to increase love in husband and wife.

Dua for Love between husband and wife in Islam

A new couple who are very nervous for their relationship because of their different natures and different point of view and did not have confidence that they can handle the relationship and afraid to not be able to maintain love between them they must perform a dua for love between husband and wife in Islam. This dua can help them in understanding each other and make them confident about the future and also helps in rising love for each other.

Do not let any issue come into your married life because even a small issue sometimes grows very fast to become huge enough to break any relationship. If any issue is bothering you and could not find any solution then take a help from Allah by performing dua which will let you make direct contact with Allah and keep in mind that before asking anything from Allah you should be patient because Allah might take a time to respond to your wish but he will respond.

Sometimes you did not get a perfect life partner according to your wish but if you give your relationship some time and perform dua for love in husband and wife then you will soon realize the importance of your partner in your life and you will feel glad of having him or her as a life partner. If you keep aside your wish and take a look what have you got then you will feel that there is a reason why you did not get your life partner as per your wish.